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Master Ethical Hacking, Ensure cybersecurity

Top-notch Ethical hacking certification course-CEH v12 (Perinthalmanna)

Learn the CEH v12 and be a professional-ethical hacker

    Stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity

    Know more about the Course

    Over view of World’s Leading Ethical Hacking Certification Course – CEH v12

    Ethical hacking is the practice of using established cybersecurity methodologies to gain access to a certain network, application, or system. For securing the organization’s vital data, ethical hacking is one of the most demanding skills in cybersecurity.

    Significantly ethical hackers access data with permission from the specific owners by effectively using the same methods as black hat hackers. Surprisingly, the bug bounty analyst confirms the flaw and plants it in a system. The Redteam Hacker Academy’s Ethical Hacker V12 Training in Perinthalmanna gives participants skills in ethical hacking, a skill that is in high demand in the cybersecurity industry.

    An industry-recognized framework and first-rate instruction from proficient   trainers will deliver in-depth information and expert capabilities. Since 2003, the CEH has been regarded as the essential qualification for cybersecurity. With the aid of legitimate tools and methodology, the Ceh V12 Course in Perinthalmanna enables applicants to mimic the strategies of malicious hackers. The programme requires the candidate to participate in actual, hands-on training for institutional security. It’s crucial to think like a hacker if you want to defeat cyberattacks.


    40 Hours

    Total Modules


    Program format

    Online/Offline/ Blended


    12 hours/week

    Who is the course for?

    This Certified Ethical Hacker- CEH v12 Training Program is meant for Graduates, Under Graduates, Network and Systems Administrators, IT staffs or anyone interested in learning information security

    Take a look at our Comprehensive Curriculum

    Module 1

    Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    Module 2

    Footprinting and Reconnaissance

    Module 3

    Scanning Networks

    Module 4


    Module 5

    Vulnerability Analysis

    Module 6

    System Hacking

    Module 7

    Malware Threats

    Module 8


    Module 9

    Social Engineering

    Module 10


    Module 11

    Session Hijacking

    Module 12

    Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

    Module 13

    Hacking Web Servers

    Module 14

    Hacking Web Applications

    Module 15

    SQL Injection

    Module 16

    Hacking Wireless Networks

    Module 17

    Hacking Mobile Platforms

    Module 18

    IoT and OT Hacking

    Module 19

    Cloud Computing

    Module 20


    Learn To Hack Ethically And Secure The World

    The course will cover various tools that you can learn and use.

    What will you learn

    What has changed in the CEH v12 training course for Certified Ethical Hackers?

    The fully equipped lab facilities along with career-oriented Ethical Hacker V12 Training In Perinthalmanna will enable the cand to be professional ethical hackers.

    Key issues include plaguing the information security world, ethical hacking, information security controls, laws, and standards.

    Network scanning techniques and scanning countermeasures.

    Vulnerability analysis to identify security loopholes in the target organization’s network, communication infrastructure, and end systems.

    Different types of malware (Trojan, Virus, worms, etc.), system auditing for malware attacks, malware analysis, and countermeasures.

    Cryptography ciphers, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography attacks, and cryptanalysis tools.

    Threats to IoT and OT platforms and learn how to defend IoT and OT devices securely.

    Perform footprinting and reconnaissance using the latest footprinting techniques and tools as a critical pre-attack phase required in ethical hacking.

    Enumeration techniques and enumeration countermeasures.

    System hacking methodology, steganography, steganalysis attacks, and covering tracks to discover system and network vulnerabilities.

    Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

    Why choose RedTeam Academy's Certified Ethical Hacker-CEH v12?

    The RTHA’s CEH v12 training in Perinthalmanna provides the applicant with thorough instruction as well as some in-depth hands-on experience in a real-world setting. The qualified instructors will provide the applicants with clear instructions on how to use real tools and hacking methods used by hostile hackers. To avoid and reduce potential cyberattacks in organizations, the candidate can identify vulnerabilities and think like black hat hackers thanks to the research approach.

    Graduates, undergrads, network and systems administrators, IT staff, and anybody else interested in learning about information security are the target audience for this Certified Ethical Hacker- CEH v12 Training in Perinthalmanna.

    Cybersecurity Careers

    Cybersecurity Auditor

    Systems Administrator

    Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

    Network Security Engineer

    Senior Security Consultant

    Information Security Manager

    More details about the Course

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is noteworthy that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the US Department of Defence (DoD) both approved the RTHA's CEH v12 course in Perinthalmanna.

    Candidates can learn the CEH if they have a basic understanding of networks and computer operations. Those who are interested in cybersecurity can register for RTHA's Ceh v12 course in Perinthalmanna.

    Multiple-choice questions are asked in the four-hour CEH exam, which is done online. You must get at least 70% of your grades in order to receive a certificate. The test had 125 questions in total.

    The exam may be taken again if the candidate does not achieve the required score. Retakes are allowed without limitations, although there are extra fees and a 14-day waiting period.

    The course material offers students a practical setting and a well-organized process in the ethical hacking field. The knowledge and expertise were provided by the Redteam's experience. The students will receive the appropriate amount of exposure to an ethical hacker's obligations in a professional setting.

    The three primary tasks of CEH are risk reduction, vulnerability analysis, and data security for vital system information. The prospective hacking and impacts for attacks were elaborated with the help of practical training methodology in order to prepare the applicant to think like a malicious hacker and be ready to defend against potential hacking in the future with expert strategy.

    The CEH is closely related to the important certifications CCNA, CISSP, CISM, CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Network+. These are all cybersecurity courses.

      Empowering Ethical Hackers to Protect Our Digital World

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